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Do you want both you and your business to really ‘Beat the Competition’ and become one of the ’Elite’? By that I mean the one whose performance, financial success and reputation are such that other people and businesses in the same market sector want to emulate? If so, then these books are for you. I’ll help you get there.


How can I be so sure? Well, during my career, I’ve done it dozens of times with companies large and small, in different sectors, all over the world, with my ‘Elite’ business improvement program. I’ve had the great privilege of helping these companies and their people make a real step change in performance and become the most productive, profitable and successful in their sectors. And, in this series of books, I’ll show YOU how to do that too, in bite-size chunks, step by step.

Many of my clients signed me to exclusive contracts, where I agreed not to work with any of their competitors for at least a year after completing my work with them, to give them a chance to pull ahead and achieve an unassailable competitive lead. That’s how good my approach is. With my retirement, however, these exclusive contracts have now come to an end, and so I’ve decided to present my unique ‘Elite’ approach to a wider audience without them having to pay huge consulting fees to access it. Think about it as my legacy for your future. 

Jim McCallum – My Story

I’m Jim McCallum, a mechanical engineer by profession, who, with some ability and hard work along the way, has had a very successful and lucrative career. I first ran a series of US engineering companies in Europe, (Cincinnati, Honeywell, JLG) and then my own engineering business (Lorne). I then worked at senior level in one of the world’s leading consulting companies (PwC). And finally, for the last fourteen years or so, I’ve operated around the world as an independent consultant (JMCC) with some very special selected clients.

So, I first learned how to run a successful business the hard way – by actually doing it – before going on to help others do the same. And that’s quite rare.

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For those who want to have more influence and success within their business, there’s lots of advice out there on what they need to do, but very little on how to actually do it. This series of books is one giant case study, showing step by step, just like looking over my shoulder, how I transform a typical pharmaceuticals manufacturing company and its people from ordinary to ‘Elite’ within a year. They Beat the Competition!

The company is an amalgam of my clients from the US, UK, Europe, and the Far East, and what they experienced with me. But it could be any company anywhere. It could reflect your company going through that same transformation experience.

I’ll give you lots of examples from other industries – chemicals, biotech, food & drink, clothing, electronics, engineering, and from various non-manufacturing service businesses such as healthcare, mail processing, etc – so that you can easily do that too in your own world. It will take effort, courage and dedication to get there, but it’s not rocket science.

Sure, you’ll face challenges at times, but I’ve never met any that can’t be overcome. Just follow my rules and processes. And I’ll try to help you over any perceived ‘road blocks’ if necessary via email.

Check out the full Table of Contents of my approach here, and my profile on Linked In here.

I’m personally motivated by seeing people of ambition and enterprise just like you – the senior managers and members of the teams that I’ve worked with – reaching the top and giving me so many ‘wow’ moments. They took my ‘Elite’ approach and pulled ahead of their competition in a way that I just had to say ‘wow’ in admiration. And I want you to do the same. I want you to tell me about your ‘wow’ moments in the future.

What they say about Jim

★★★★★ “I thought Jim’s blue sky vision was ‘pie in the blue sky’ but now we’re doing it.” (CEO, Major EU Engineering Co)
★★★★★ “I’ve worked with a number of Lean “experts” and Jim is the best I’ve ever worked with.  I continue to recommend him to others.”  (Head, Global TechOps, Swiss Based Global Pharma Corp)
★★★★★ “The creative thinking, challenge to orthodoxy, and improvement focus of Jim’s approach has taken us a long way forward.”  (Regional Director, National Mail Processer)
★★★★★ “With a particular panache for manufacturing industry among his many other skills….Jim has helped to unlock the minds and talents of our people on site, and has harnessed them to the initiative for change.  His great skill was to engage them in a process of increasing self-belief in their own skills and competencies, and to show them the benefits to themselves and the organization of accepting and implementing change.”  (CEO, Major EU Clothing Company)
★★★★★ “Jim’s approach to achieving world-class performance is so simple, quick and effective. He really ought to write a book about it.”  (VP Int’l, US Based Global Pharma Corp)


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