The Road to Business Success - 8

To grow your business, you need to continually innovate with new ideas for your products, people and processes.

In this Blog, I’ll show you how to avoid new project stress on your existing operations. 

Naturally, many of your people want to participate in the ‘glamour’ of these new innovative ideas. But therein lies a potential danger to the business.

It’s the daily ‘grind’ of supplying today’s customers with the right quality at the right time at the right cost that generates today’s income, and allows you to develop tomorrow’s ideas. Therefore, it’s critical that the new initiatives don’t compromise that daily grind to the point where performance suffers.

You need to ensure that staff and management give full attention to daily performance levels, with necessary follow-up actions in the event of any deviation from target. Don’t let daily performance slip.

Continually balance the resources required for your daily business with those required for your innovation program, and the former must take priority. It’s scary how quickly high performance drops off when attention is diverted.

So don’t trip over that pitfall. Make sure you always stay on top of today’s business while you develop tomorrow’s.

I hope you find the above guidelines help you to implement your change programs more smoothly. Enjoy your success. You can become the best in your business.

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Let me know how you get on.

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