Step 12 – Create an ‘Elite’ Organization

How to Create an ‘Elite’ Organization

– to enhance your success!

In this Step, I’ll show you how to create an effective Process Oriented Organization (POO), to better manage your people and their talents. It helps you enhance the benefits from your ‘Elite’ improvement program. 

It also provides a dynamic culture where everyone contributes to the success of their team and of the business. The change in attitude is almost tangible. Your people develop huge pride and motivation. Very few who have experienced this way of working ever want to go back to their old traditional ways.

 But POO is not easy to implement. It’s not just a change in your organization structure. It goes much deeper than that. You should not embark on it until your ‘Elite’ pilot program is almost complete, and your people are comfortable with the ‘Elite’ culture.

Follow my lead. Do it yourself. All the info is here. And if you do hit a problem, you can contact me for free by email.  

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You’ll look over my shoulder as I work with the in-house project team in the typical pharma company over the next seven months, as they learn in a practical way how to develop a new dynamic culture, supported by changes in structure, roles and responsibilities, team measures and rewards, peer reviews, etc.

I’ll describe the detailed selection and coaching processes you need to follow to get the best people working effectively in each of the key roles, and the importance of a successful Launch Day.

This series of books is like looking over my shoulder as, step by step, I transform a typical pharma manufacturing company and its people from ordinary to ‘Elite’ within a year. That means where their performance, financial success and reputation become such that other people and businesses in the same market sector want to emulate them. They Beat the Competition!

The company is an amalgam of my clients from the US, UK, Europe and the Far East, and what they experienced with me. But it could be any company anywhere. It could reflect your company going through that same transformation experience.

I’ll give you lots of examples and insider tips along the way to make sure you have the best possible chance of success. So, go for it – and enjoy the journey.

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All ebooks in the series and the paperback combined edition are available from Amazon.


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