All 14 Steps in One Volume – The Complete ‘Elite’ Business Series

The Complete ‘Elite’ Business Series

– how to become the best in your sector!

In these 14 Steps, I’ll show you how to quickly make a step change business transformation, and beat the competition, by implementing an ‘Elite’ business improvement program. 

This single volume is one giant case study. It’s like looking over my shoulder as I work with the management and staff of a typical pharma manufacturing company to transform them from ordinary to ‘Elite’ within a year. That means where their performance, financial success and reputation became such that other people and businesses in the same market sector want to emulate them. They Beat the Competition! And you can do that too in your world.

The company is an amalgam of my clients from the US, UK, Europe and the Far East, and what they experienced with me. But it could be any company anywhere. It could reflect your company going through that same transformation experience.

It doesn’t matter whether you make products or provide a service. It works either way. And this single volume gives you up to 40% discount on the combined price of the 14 individual Step eBooks.  

Follow my lead. Do it yourself. All the info is here. And if you do hit a problem, you can contact me for free by email.  

Check out the Table of Contents under the Bonus Content tab or see the full route map . 

In this ‘Elite’ Business Series, I’ll show you how to –


– calculate your potential benefits and build your ‘Elite’ foundations,
– create a radical vision of your potential that becomes your program objectives,
– present a compelling case for your improvement program to the board,
– use unique ‘Elite’ change management techniques to get people’s buy-in,
– use the right KPIs to measure and track your success,
– get your business processes operating right first time using unique ‘Elite’ analyses,
– double output with minimum capital spend to slash your costs,
– align your support functions with your ‘Elite’ vision to get everyone in sync,
– use rhythm wheels to match supply to demand and deliver 100% on time,
– deliver superior customer service that swells your revenues,
– sustain your benefits and roll out your program into other areas,
– create an effective process-oriented organization to consolidate your success,
– become more price competitive in the market yet increase profits, and
– deliver a world-class customer experience – the one that others want to emulate.

My whole aim in this series is to help you ‘Beat the Competition’. Dozens of others have done just that. And you can too. So, go for it – and enjoy the journey!

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All eBooks in the series and the paperback combined edition are available from Amazon.



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