The Road to Business Success - 7

Most companies include their customers’ requirements in their marketing strategy. And that’s okay as far as it goes. However, ‘Elite’ companies use a trick that makes their marketing strategies much more effective. They take into account the requirements of their customer’s customer.

In this Blog, I’ll show you how to deliver even better customer service by following that rule.

Taking that double step uncovers lots more issues. Once answered, they help to convince the first customer that the product or service on offer is even more relevant to them.

Many companies find that their customer’s customer is often the end user of the product or service. It’s then relatively easy to establish the key buying influencers.

One example from my experience was a UK store-fitting company. They designed and installed the counters, shelves, displays, etc, used in retail stores.

As part of one of my ‘Elite’ programs, they developed the phrase ‘This Company creates environments that encourage people to buy.’

The statement implied that they designed store equipment with the line, style, colour, lighting and décor that made the members of the public shopping in the store feel more comfortable. Hence, they would buy more. The retail store would make more profit and my client would sell more store-fitting projects.

Incorporating this ethos into their products and services significantly helped sales and marketing. It also helped internally to guide the thinking of designers and other customer contact staff, and enabled them to become the best in their sector in Europe.

Every company should therefore consider how they can use that same important trick to significantly improve their marketing decisions and become even more successful.

I hope you find the above guidelines help you to implement your change programs more smoothly. Enjoy your success. You can become the best in your business.

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Let me know how you get on.

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